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With the leading APP function, let you move forward in the field of M-commerce

The concept of CMyApps is designed to create extraordinary impact, keep customers flowing back and improve business level.

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Focus on customer satisfaction to help you increase sales

Take advantage of the powerful and unique functions of CMyApps to understand your customers more deeply and guide them to turn APP shopping into habits and fun. Simply drag and drop to add and delete any function, so that your APP can fully play its role and improve the business level.

Integral function


You can use the function of login points or consumption points to improve customer participation and maintain customer relationship.

User personality settings


Users can set their own personal data on the APP, and we can provide them with personalized and exclusive experience based on customer data.

Multi-language support


CMyApps is globally oriented and allows you to build multilingual APP to meet the needs of global customers.

Gift registration


Gifts are an important part of M-commerce. We can give gifts, and you can provide customers with in-store gift experience.

Direct order payment purchase


Customers can purchase directly through in-device payment without leaving the application, so as to obtain a more seamless and convenient experience.

Address storage


Customers can store multiple addresses for further (or next) purchase, so as to obtain a more convenient online shopping experience.

Product subscription


Through product subscription, your customers can receive corresponding or renewed products regularly!

Discount number


We can send personalized discount number through push notifications, event announcements or other channels to give customers a special experience.

Gift coupon


Gifts and coupons are effective ways to improve customer loyalty and consumption. Through CMyApps, customers can be appropriately reminded to pay attention to and use exclusive coupons.

Activity publicity and targeted crowd push function


To get your customers back to your APP store, you must take the initiative. One of the most effective methods is to use push notifications. To arouse customers' interest and guide customers to browse products!

Mixed settlement


Your customer can make a purchase order on another device, and then complete the checkout on the mobile device.

System compatibility(IOS and Android)


There is no need to build iOS and Android applications separately. The APP designed by CMyApps is compatible with two operating systems. Once you finish building the APP, it can be released in the store.

Favorite list


Through the favorite list, your customers will place their favorite products in the created favorites list, so that they can purchase them again in the future.


Customer information


According to customer registration and purchase information, we can collect a lot of customer data, such as telephone number, e-mail, name and address, to better manage and serve customers, open new possibilities in mobile marketing, and provide business level.

Order editing


Add details to the order ,can provide customers with a more transparent and noble experience.

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